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Isla de Cabrera

Cabrera Island is the best kept secret of the Balearic Islands. It is one of those names that you don’t hear often, but which promises those who visit it a unique and unparalleled experience.

Cabrera is located to the south of the island of Majorca and the easiest way to access it is on a boat trip – most of which depart from the Colonia de Sant Jordi— lasting approximately one hour.

As you will see when you arrive, it is an uninhabited island, occupied only by a few workers, military personnel, archaeologists, biologists… Thanks to this, the island has managed to preserve its original beauty and great biodiversity, both on land and in the water.

Want to know what you can find on this island? Then keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything.

Things to see in Cabrera National Park

Cabrera Island is a National Park and, for this reason, you won’t be able to visit all of the areas within it. This is a necessary measure to conserve the natural area, but it will in no way tarnish your visit.

Some of the most interesting things you can do during your stay on the island are:

  • Visit Cabrera Castle
  • Take a walk along its beaches
  • Enjoy snorkelling in its waters
  • Guided tours to different points of the island
  • Enjoy the island at night by staying at the Cabrera Hostel
  • Have a drink or a bite to eat in the Cantina overlooking the sea
  • Visit the Blue Cave
  • Discover the flora and fauna of the island through self-guided tours
  • Watch a unique sunset
  • See a large number of native birds
Views of the island of Cabrera

The beaches of Cabrera

On Cabrera Island you will find several beaches, some of which are open to the public, while others have restricted access. In the latter group there are beaches such as Cala Santa Maria, Cala Gandulf or Caló des Macs. Below, we will tell you all about the beaches where access is open to the public.

Playa des Moll

If you don’t want to walk, but  you want to go up to the Castle and have a drink in the Cantina – the only place on the island where you can buy food and drink and where we recommend you try the Sobrrasada Bocadillo – this will be your favourite beach during your visit to Cabrera. Although it is not the most beautiful beach on the island, it is the most accessible, as it is located next to the pier where boats connect Cabrera and Colonia de Sant Jordi. In any case, as it is Cabrera Island, you are guaranteed to have beautiful, crystal-clear waters.

It’s Mollet des Pagés

Also known as Caló de ses Güies. This is another perfect beach for those who don’t want to walk too far. Located just ten minutes from the previous beach – Playa des Moll – Caló is located right in front of the Alberque de la Isla de Cabrera hostel, the only place on the island where you can stay overnight. Just behind this beach is the starting point for the route to the Monument of the French – a monolith in honour of the prisoners of the Napoleonic wars who died in Cabrera – and the Celler, a pleasant walk between pine forests that will allow you to learn a little more about the history of the area. This is one of the guided tours that you can take on the island, upon request and authorisation from the Information Office at the port.

Sa Platgeta

One of the largest accessible beaches on the island. This is a beach composed of sand, stone and gravel, where the clear water will allow you to see almost with the naked eye the richness of the island’s seabed. On this beach, you will find the starting point of the route to visit N’Ensiola Lighthouse, where you can enjoy beautiful views from the top of the hill of Coll Roig on a 4-hour walk. Completing this tour also requires authorisation and the accompaniment of a guide.


Our favourite beach on Cabrera Island. Walking the distance between the pier and the Playa de S’Espalmador will take you just over an hour and allow you to enjoy the beach on the island least affected by humans. In fact, it is very likely that while you are lying on the beach you will receive a visit from some sargantana, a type of lizard that populates the island.

Diving in Cabrera

Snorkelling is one of the most interesting activities that can be done in a coastal area like Cabrera, which still remains almost completely unspoilt. Diving in Cabrera is not like anywhere else. In this natural park, you will be able to observe fish and marine species that are difficult to see elsewhere in the Balearic Islands.

So don’t forget your goggles when you’re preparing your backpack to visit Cabrera. In fact, if you are interested in discovering all the intricacies of the seabed, you may like to know that there are companies which offer guided snorkelling services and diving excursions in the waters surrounding the island.

Groupers, barracudas, tuna, sometimes even octopus, dentex, amberjack, Mediterranean moray… These are just some of the species that you can find during your journey through the sea.

The Cabrera Blue Cave

Most boat trips to Cabrera include a visit and a dip in the Blue Cave (Cova Blava), a cave that opens out to the sea, carved out in the limestone rock, which is 6 metres high at its entrance but reaches up to 20 metres inside.

This cave is named after the electric blue hue that the water acquires inside it, although there are also those who prefer to call it sapphire blue. Regardless of what shade you call it, the colour of the Blue Cave water is absolutely spectacular, especially in the mid-afternoon, when the sun seems to play tricks with it.

Blue Cave in Cabrera

How to get to Cabrera

To get to Cabrera Island you have to buy a place on a trip with one of the companies that offer excursions to the island. Most of these boats leave the port of Colonia de Sant Jordi and offer a wide variety of tours, from the most basic trip to  ones include a glass of cava and sunset by the Blue Cave, a cultural tour around the island or diving experiences. If you stay with us, at Hotel Colonial we will be happy to organise the perfect day for you on Cabrera Island and to tell you its best kept secrets.

If you have your own boat, you can approach the island, but only with authorisation. If you want to stay overnight on the island or go scuba diving, you must apply for a special permit.

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